8th January 1975 The Loss of Darwin

It is unbelievable the help that flowed into Darwin. It really shows the true Aussie spirit.

They say the reason there was such total devastation was because of the way the houses and buildings were built. One resident eye witness Kevin Mulcahy reports:

“Debris from destroyed houses lay all over the place and all that was left of most of the houses were the stilts and flooring. Darwin houses were built on steel or concrete stilts with stairs on either side and a laundry in the centre on the ground floor. They were single story with fibro or weather board cladding and tin roofs. The damage was caused mainly by debris flying off one house onto the next and so on like a deck of cards so it was not unusual to see a house at the end of a street almost whole and the rest in various stages of destruction down to the other end of the street. Telegraph poles are made of steel because of termites. Most of these had been bent parallel to the ground. We walked around some of the debris and I saw mattresses, broken furniture, pictures in broken frames but the thing that really got to me was a little girls doll”

Reading that really hit home how sad the situation is.

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