Rebuilding Darwin

Cyclone Tracy not only devastated Darwin but it affected the lives of many people who lived through the cyclone. Many ended up with mental problems, lost relatives, lost property and had to start all over again. A thing called the Darwin relief fund acquired a lot of money from people who donated to the cause. They say this money has never been publicly accounted for  and a lot of it has never been distributed to those who were in need of it. That is really sad for those people. The people of Darwin say the total devastation of Darwin should never have happened because the housing, which was 90% government built should have been cyclone proof and it wasn’t at all.

In February 1975, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam announced the creation of the Darwin Reconstruction Commission, which was given the job of rebuilding the city “within five years”. The damage to the city was so severe that some suggested moving the entire city.  The government insisted that it be rebuilt in the same location. By May 1975, Darwin’s population had recovered , with 30,000 living back in the city. Temporary housing, caravans, hotels and an ocean liner MV Patris, were used to house people, as reconstruction of permanent housing has not yet started.

I really hope Darwin comes back to how it was, I really miss the place and all my friends.

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