24th December 1974 10 am They were wrong!!

Early this morning the cyclone changed direction and rounded Bathurst Island 70km north of Darwin and heading straight towards us!! I wish I didn’t research cyclones because I now know the cyclone will intensify when it reaches land. I am so scared.

Weather report ABC NEWS: Early in the morning of 24 December, Tracy rounded Cape Fourcroy on the western tip of Bathurst Island, and moved in a southeasterly direction, straight towards Darwin. The bureau’s weather station at Cape Fourcroy measured a mean wind speed of 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph) at 9 a.m that morning.

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23rd December 1974 Christmas is Coming

It’s all calm in Darwin, the shops are looking great with all the Christmas decorations. To think we could have been devastated by a cyclone. I decided to look in my encyclopedia to see what a cyclone is and here’s a brief explaination.

Cyclones are actually released stored energy that rotates. The sun heats up the ocean and creates the right conditions for a tropical cyclone to develop. Cyclones spin because the earth is spinning. It’s due to something called the coriolis effect. The direction they spin depends on which hemisphere they are in. When warm air rises rapidly the upward flow of air deflects the winds created by the Earth’s rotation creating a rotation around a core. This is called the ‘eye’.  They can develop into intense cyclones especially when they hit land.


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22nd December 1974 Relief!

Great news, the ABC news tonight has given us the all clear; the cyclone has passed North of Darwin.

We’d had a cyclone warning only 10 days ago and it never came. This will hopefully be the same.

We will have a great Christmas after all.

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21st December 1974 Cyclone getting closer

News has changed; they now report the cyclone is getting stronger and closer every day. The low pressure system developed into a tropical cyclone today and it intensified and moved southwest and curved southeast towards Darwin. Quite concerning.

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20th December 1974 News of a Cyclone!

The weather man keeps talking about this low pressure system about 370kms northwest of Darwin. The United States’ Environmental Weather Satellite tracked a cloud mass and saw it form a circular centre. They are concerned because it can develop into a tropical cyclone. So glad its miles away, too excited about Christmas!

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